Vegetable gardening at it’s finest; tranquil, serene areas with lots of sun and most with water access. Beginner to advanced green thumbs work in their gardens at all times of the day, coming and going as they please, chatting and exchanging tips, garden books and seeds.

We can recall our Society members planting in the community gardens long before 1975. Many, gardening in the plots, have for many years, given fresh produce to the food bank through out the growing season.

Allotment Guidelines

  • To rent a garden plot you must be a member in good standing.
  • A small fee is applicable: $15 for a full plot, $10 for a half plot. A full plot is approximately 9 meters by 9 meters.
  • The gardener who rented a plot in the previous year has first choice to continue using that plot. This reflects the time, effort, and improvements that gardeners put into caring for their plots.
  • If there are not enough plots available to meet demand, names will be drawn at random to assign any remaining available plots.
  • Previously there were no limits on how many plots one gardener could rent; due to high and increasing demand, going forward, there will be a limit of two plots per gardener.
  • Businesses or groups may rent a plot; one person from the business/group will be the designated contact for the plot. The contact is required to have a membership, and pay for the membership and plot the same as any other plot renter.
  • Plots must be cultivated leaving a path to walk around the outside of the plot. Plots not cultivated by June 1st are forfeit.
  • As the plots are on public land, it is important to keep them tidy. Garden refuse must be turned into the ground or removed; no compost piles are allowed.
  • Only members are allowed to work on the plots. This includes children of members with family memberships. This restriction is a condition of our group insurance.
  • Gardeners will be contacted after our membership drive is complete to confirm plot rental.
  • There are three locations:
    Grouse Park, Coordinator: Vern Koslowsky
    Bill Rounding Park, Coordinator: Bernie DeAbreu
    Deep River Hospital, Coordinator: Bernie DeAbreu
  • Water is available at all three sites, but gardeners must provide their own hose. Gardeners must arrange for their own tools, seeds, fertilizer, mulch, etc. (See Tool Loan program)

Gardenersscholars say, are the first sign of commitment to a community” – Anne Raver